Culinary Conundrums The Menu A Feast for the Senses

Are you a self-proclaimed foodie and let your camera devour your food even before your tastebuds can have the delight of it? Well, So the typical depiction of us, right? Social media techbloody has not just transformed the way we live, learn, and perform tasks. But Goddamn it! It has fancied our way of eating simple food to the extent that now, to eat an uncomplicated meal often feels like a grave sin! 

No offense, but especially, if you belong to an upper class. Therefore, The Menu movie is crafted by the witty team, who are all known for skillfully skewing the elite class onscreen. The prestigious names include Writers, Will Tracy and Seth Reiss, Director Mark Mylod, and Produced by Adam McKay.  

The powerhouse of incredible makers assured that the flick is going to be temptingly impressive. What spices up the whole frame of The Menu, is the talented and charming cast of it. Which includes Anya Taylor Joy and Ralph Fiennes. 

Anya, whose acting skills are simply bewitching, never fails to bring her magic on-screen with every role that she plays. Her knack for acting is truly remarkable and authentic. Those who have watched The Queen’s Gambit know this and acknowledge this very fact. From the Chess prodigy to the Mysterious guest in The Menu, Anya knows how to nail in the head! 

Wait, there is more to the Menu, Ralph Fiennes is here to tingle your taste buds with his class and verismo. He smoothly elevates every scene with his command of acting and complex characters. He was bringing a certain kind of gravitas to the cinematic venture. 

Hence, these two serve as the ingredients to the ideal recipe for The Menu. 

This piping-hot review is for all the movie buffs that are still pondering over whether to watch the movie or not. This movie, if you have missed watching it, then can catch it on Hulu. And don’t sweat about Can I Watch Hulu in South Africa or anywhere except the USA! 

The Menu is a flick, all about food, but trust me, it is not our regular culinary pleasure. Rather, it is a dark and twisted saga that takes a sledgehammer to the high dining culture. A satirical scathing on all the wannabe foodies, who have pivoted dining into a highfalutin circus. 

Where the food is merely used to flaunt wealth and rank rather than to satisfy appetite. And by this, we are talking about the extravagant dishes that cost an arm and a leg and are served on a gold-plated crock. With the ingredients that you’ve never heard of. It appears like a weird contest to see who can outperform each other with the most absurd and overpriced creation. 

This same ilk of notion is portrayed in the movie, An Evening at Hawthorn, the grand eatery on the island. Where the 12 special guests include all sorts of stereotypical characters, that are easy to spot in the fine dining experience. Including a finance trio, who eats at fancy restaurants just to show off their status. 

Along with the food critic, who uses almost every pretentious word to define each bite. Among these Tyler had the limelight. Who monologues about why Slowik, the Chef, is a supreme force in the kitchen.  

Along with his last-moment guest, Anya, aka Margot, the protagonist. Who you can call the odd amongst all. Because, unlike others, she was the most human in them all, with a fine hunger for real food! The movie will make you feel attacked, right from the beginning. 

Tyler stops Margot from smoking ahead of the dinner, because it may reduce her appetite for the whopping $1,250 per head meal. And when the first meal arrived, the way Tyler had snapped the hand of Margot from his frame and wanted to take an aesthetic picture of his food, captioning it “mouthfeel”. 

This whole bizarre dish is in the name of organic creations, looting money. The Menu wittily serves us the narrative of how food has been hijacked by those who prioritize wealth over genuine culinary appreciation. 

But this is not all, the thrilling scenes in the movie will have you on your toes. Slowik’s mysterious movements will soon take a drastic turn, leaving everyone jaw-dropped by the end. Making you remember this movie even after decades. 

So, buckle up to sink your teeth into a dark and unapologetically satirical Gourmet venture. A treat to remember. 

Bon Appetit!

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