Smart Home Features to Attract Tenants 

Upgrading Rental Property with Smart Home Features 

In recent years, the idea of home Smart Home has undergone a significant transformation. This transition has been significantly influenced by the development of smart home technology, which provides renters with comfort, security, and energy efficiency that was previously not possible. The year 2024 saw an upsurge in renters, looking for houses with smart home technology that improves the quality of life such as smart television sets with Cox Internet bundles. Let’s discuss some of the most popular and in-demand smart home elements that are preferred by tenants. 

Smart Locks for Enhanced Security 

Tenants place a high focus on security, making picnob smart locks an essential component of any contemporary rental home. It allows them to lock and open their doors without using actual keys with a remote-control feature through a smartphone app. Some smartphones have added features like temporary access codes for visitors or service providers along with real-time notifications about any suspicious activity. 

Voice-Activated Assistants for Hands-Free Living 

Voice-activated assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa have become staple household devices. People prefer properties with these voice-activated systems to manage various smart gadgets and carry out routine tasks easily. These elements make it simple and easy to live in a rental property. 

Energy-Efficient Thermostats for Cost Savings 

Residents are inclined to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs with growing environmental consciousness. They now have access to remote temperature monitoring and management due to smart thermostats like the Ecobee and Nest Learning Thermostat. Over time, these systems significantly reduce energy use by learning from user preferences and adjusting heating and cooling accordingly. 

Smart Lighting Systems for Ambiance and Efficiency 

Smart lighting systems allow residents to change and customize lighting according to the occasion. It enables users to set timers for lights which helps in saving energy, it also provides remote controlling options. Many lights are compatible with voice assistants which makes it easier to adjust the lighting through a single voice command. 

Video Doorbells for Added Security 

Contemporary doorbells with videos are becoming popular due to their security-enhancing features and convenience. They allow users to interact with people at their door through a smartphone app. They also have additional security features like video recording and motion detection. 

Smart Appliances 

Remote appliances are becoming increasingly popular as they contribute to a more convenient lifestyle by streamlining daily tasks. Houses equipped with smart appliances such as microwaves, ovens, washing machines, and refrigerators are energy efficient and can be managed remotely. 

Automated Window Blinds for Comfort and Privacy 

Automatic window blinds provide comfort and security. It allows users to open/shut and adjust the level of sunlight with a single tap or a voice command. 

Security Cameras for Peace of Mind 

Security cameras are one of the most used security devices. Modern security cameras have enhanced features such as real-time notifications, and remote monitoring which allows users to watch their property when they are away. Visible security cameras also discourage intruders from trespassing attempts. 

Smart Plugs for Retrofitting Existing Devices 

Incorporating smart plugs into appliances is a cost-effective way of converting simple devices into smart gadgets. These plug-ins allow remote control through smartphone applications and can be switched on or off from any location. It is especially useful for tenants who are looking for affordable ways to add smart home features to their property without changing existing appliances. 

Smart Sensors for Safety and Efficiency 

Safety devices like smoke alarms, water leak sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors are essential for safety. They operate through smartphones and send real-time alerts in case of emergencies, allowing users to take swift action. 

High-Speed Internet Connectivity 

The Internet is counted as one of the necessities in the contemporary world. Tenants prefer houses equipped with high-speed internet connections such as fiber-optic or high-speed broadband that keep them connected to the outer world and fulfill all their work and entertainment needs.  

Home Security Integration 

People are keen to install more security devices that are compatible with renowned security providers like the ADT and SimpliSafe. This allows for a seamless home security integration. 

Privacy and Data Security Measures 

The rise of web-integrated devices has given rise to security concerns and threats. People looking for new rental properties search for places with strong data encryption and privacy protection features in place. 


Smart home technology has become a crucial component of renting in the modern day. Tenants now look for homes that combine comfort, security, energy efficiency, and connectivity. Landlords and property managers that invest in these smart home amenities will not only attract renters but also improve their overall living experience with the advanced technologies. The adoption of smart home technology will provide comfort and convenience to the tenants and become the new norm in rental properties. 

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