What is ‘Time Sensitive’ Notifications on Snapchat? Explained

Snapchat is the most famous social media app mainly among youngsters due to the unique features of the app. It seems Snapchat gives tasks to its users- “decode what this feature could be meant for”. Like the time-sensitive feature of the iPhone, has also become compatible with it. You are now able to set some notifications on priority so that you can’t miss something important.

In this article, we are going to discuss what does time-sensitive mean on snapchat and how it works. So without wasting much time, let’s move forward to discuss this feature of our favorite social media app.

What Do Time-Sensitive Notifications on Snapchat Mean?

In the era of getting too many notifications on your smartphones from different apps, there may be chances you may miss something important in place of traversing through the entire list of notifications. For this purpose, the iPhone introduced a feature called Time Sensitive from Apple iOS 15 in which users can set some notifications on priority so that they can see them on the top of their lock screen. The notification you will set as time-sensitive will bypass all the latest notifications and will sit on top for multiple hours so as not to get missed.

On the 9th of May 2003, also became compatible with this feature. But what does time-sensitive mean on snapchat? Which notifications are considered time-sensitive on snapchat? It can’t be predicted which notifications the app will take into consideration as time-sensitive. It may be a message from your best friend or a friend request from a person with many mutual friends or any other. Time-sensitive on snapchat simply means- now the notifications of will also be considered time-sensitive in iPhones. If you want you can also turn them off from within the app if they frustrate you.

Time-sensitive notifications on snapchat: is it useful?

It seems to be a useful feature after knowing the time-sensitive Snapchat meaning. It relieves you from traversing the entire list of notifications to find if there is something important. Snaps from your best friend, any reminder, new updates from the app, or an important message, using this feature you are not going to kiss anything important. 

But there is no algorithm to decide which notification is considered as time-sensitive and sometimes too many of them are frustrating, especially when you are in your working mode. They grab the attention from the messages written on the notifications. If you want you can also turn this feature off and get rid of them. Since, its origin, snapchat has introduced a lot of features, like best friends solar system, story rewatch, and time-sensitive is one of them.

How to turn off the feature- Time Sensitive on Snapchat?

So now you know why does snapchat say time sensitive, it is to show important notifications on top. If you want you can also turn the feature off from your iPhone. When you update the Snapchat app, the feature will automatically turn on, but if it frustrates you, set it off and use your device as normal. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Scroll down and click on Snapchat
  • Click on the Notifications option
  • Now look out for the Time Sensitive option, toggle it off for that.

In the future, if you need to turn it on for any reason, you can do that by following similar steps.

Wrapping Up

Time-sensitive features of the iPhone let you show the important notifications on top. Snapchat has also become compatible with it. If you want you can also turn them off if they are of no use to you as mentioned above.

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