How Video Marketing Will Convert Customers In 2024

There are so many one-of-a-kind patterns of video Marketing to pick out from when considering Video Production Chicago for your business. Whether this is your first or fiftieth video…choosing the pleasant “style” as it applies to your production will be a major decision as you get started on any video.

However, each choice is optional for each business. Marketers want to have the suited method in the vicinity earlier than developing their video content. This will dictate how they strategy their improvement and where the video should be shared Baddiehub.

The choices concerned are choosing a movie’s format, the messaging approach, the personality design, and the video size, which are referred to as the video “treatment.”

This can be overwhelming for some entrepreneurs who truly aren’t aware of the place to begin in choosing the gorgeous video for their precise circumstances.

Hence, we have gathered insights and examples from our clients and other companies so you can use them in your video marketing strategy.

Here we’ll exhibit the pinnacle video production Chicago tendencies shaping how organizations interact with their clients in 2024.


Before we dive in, let’s look at some of the motives WHY the demand for Video Production Chicago is so excessive right now…

What companies will be producing in 2024 as far as videos are concerned

Prospects are engaged, educated, and converted by videos.

How can you ensure your message reaches your customers despite so much “noise” online?

Video is a verified medium to correctly separate yourself from the competition and seize the interest of your audience.

While there is a vicinity for white papers and picnob long-form weblog posts (like this one), human beings genuinely do not have, or might not make investments as much time as they might have in the previous to read… well, something! Consumers are busy and don’t have sufficient time to examine long-form files with a lot of text.

Video permits you to interact greater of your audience’s senses as soon as possible and is usually a quicker and easier way to consolidate your message and carry emotion. Video can additionally be delivered into easy-to-digest segments in… form of e-book chapters, however, barring the time required to read.

Most importantly, though, video is a fine medium that has to be a fundamental issue of a brand’s normal advertising strategy.

Video content material is a fundamental advertising and marketing device because:

• Consumers are asking for greater of it

• Video has validated to enlarge conversions throughout channels

• Video is a greater enticing medium for storytelling

More businesses are investing in video due to the fact of the cost and ROI it brings to their business. Over 29% of agencies reflect on consideration of video as “extremely important” to their advertising and marketing efforts:

But why, exactly, is video so powerful? There are a few reasons why combining video into your advertising strategy will pay.

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective?

Let’s look at some of the facts behind why video is so effective…

  • Consumers are begging for extra videos:

Consumers all around the world are constantly looking out for new content. Over a billion hours of movies on YouTube are watched, producing billions of everyday views of content.

About 54% of customers cited that they would like to watch extra video content material from manufacturers that they support.

Your target audience is telling you video is the way they favor being engaged… if you are ignoring this, keep in mind your opponents are not.

  • Video advertising leads to greater conversions and greater revenue:

It isn’t simply that video advertising is famous now. It’s effective, too.

Videos power extra income for agencies and decrease the consumer acquisition fee (CAC) for corporations who use video in digital advertising, content material advertising marketing campaigns, and more.

Approximately 92% of customers watch movies earlier than making an online purchase.

By making movies greater handy on your internet site and accessible on your social channels, you are greater probably to get your content material in front of them earlier than they make a buy and to assist in forcing a buying decision.

  • The video tells your company story as you supposed it to be told:

Go past your catchy headline and weblog submit that shares your manufacturer story. Showcase the founders and explain why they founded the video production company Chicago in a video.

This will carry emotion and join the potentialities of the organization on a deeper level.

With the proper video, you can deliver your manufacturer to existence and share a message that will resonate.

Now that you know the significance of video, let’s take a look at some of the pinnacle Video Production developments taking place this year.

Video Production Trend #1: Remote Video Testimonials

The pandemic has changed the way we interact with one another. Video conferencing wasn’t the sole video device companies relied on to interact with clients throughout the pandemic…

Just as in-person conferences went virtual, Video Production Chicago did too!

While there is no changing in-person interaction, the video helped fill the void and foster a connection between organizations and their customers.

More than 74% of agencies consider that the pandemic made them make their Video Production efforts bigger.

This led to an extension of remotely recorded videos, a kind of Video Production that entails taking pictures of a terrific video in a separate, faraway location. While some equipment like Zoom should be used for low-quality content, expert far-off productions will use committed systems allowing awesome video and audio capture.

“Drop Kits” can additionally be deployed, which consist of gorgeous cameras and microphones that can be managed from anywhere.

This is distinct from surely recording a video on a famous video conferencing software program like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Those recordings tend to be low decision and don’t produce the equal fine degree as a greater constancy faraway recording that a Production agency can provide.

Video Production Trend #2: Product Demo Videos

Have you ever stumbled through a cool product and questioned how it worked?

This is a frequent ride for shoppers all over the globe. It occurs so often that YouTube searches encompassing the phrase “how to” have elevated 70% yearly. People want extra help when it comes to the merchandise they buy.

Not solely are customers using the web to train themselves about products, but they’re turning to video in hopes of visually studying through an enticing media shape.

Online video consumption has been regularly growing in view that 2013. 55% of buyers watch academic or informational movies more than two instances per week:

Video Production Trend #3: LinkedIn Video

What about posting native movies on a platform or where your clients browse?

LinkedIn video is a wonderful way to join your clients in a native, natural way. LinkedIn videos are used by more than 38% of entrepreneurs to connect with their customers. More than 75% of those who use LinkedIn for video marketing have found it useful.

But how precisely are humans the use of Linkedin videos?

Enterprise proprietors and entrepreneurs are turning the digicam round to share their insights, products, and first-class practices with their online communities.

If you don’t have some other alternative, you can self-shoot your video on your telephone and submit it on your account. Ideally, you want a professionally shot video to make a brilliant first impression. That kind of video content material will current you and your agency in the first-class mild on the platform.

LinkedIn is a fine-owned channel for your enterprise if you’re focused on a business-savvy, expert audience.

You can submit a video in two ways: on your non-public account or through your manufacturer account.

If you publish a video on your commercial enterprise page, Linkedin will share that in the newsfeed of all the business’s followers. Furthermore, every time a fan likes or remarks on your content, it is amplified to their connections.

This exponentially grows your attainment on the platform and will increase your video production company Chicago awareness.

That’s why over 63% of entrepreneurs integrate LinkedIn videos into their 2024 video advertising and marketing strategy.

Video Production Trend #4: Video Sequences

Sometimes one video isn’t enough. That’s the place where video sequences come into play.

Companies can use video sequences to nudge potential clients alongside a buying path. The unique movies can be threaded collectively to inform a story or shape a narrative.

The movies may be supposed for exclusive goal audiences or potential clients at one-of-a-kind phases of their buying selection process.

Only some prospective clients are equipped to buy immediately after researching their video production company in Chicago.

More importantly, though, there can be a lot of statistics to digest at once.

With video sequences, you can parse out integral statistics and current them to your potentialities strategically and orderly, barring the chance of overwhelming them.

Sequence movies can be brought to drip electronic mail campaigns designed to nurture potentialities toward conversion.

This is beneficial because 97% of possibilities aren’t even geared up to purchase when they first see a product.

That’s why agencies want to have mechanisms in the area (like campaigns with video sequences) to seize prospect facts and nurture them.

Let’s take a look at a focused video instance that should be observed in a video sequence.

Hitachi produced a video collection outlining their product’s competencies that focused on potential clients in unique industries such as retail banking, business banking, transportation, and more.

The agency created movies highlighting how personnel in certain positions would use their product.

Video Production Trend #5: Video Testimonials

Sometimes, it’s higher to step lower back and let your clients speak (and sell) for you.Businesses that are capable of monetizing their passionate purchaser base and harnessing the energy of video testimonials are the ones that will sincerely excel.

Video testimonials are short, customer-led content material belongings that function as a current consumer endorsing your product. These content material properties are a structure of suggested advertising that consists of glowing suggestions from anyone who already uses your product.

Video testimonials are effective bottom-of-the-funnel advertising belongings that every commercial enterprise needs to have. Featuring a blissful consumer in a video testimonial would possibly be what a hesitant prospect desires to push them over the end line and buy.

But does it make experience to invest in a video testimonial when you should make so many different kinds of movies? Look at the following information factor and derive your answer:

Approximately 89% of entrepreneurs charge patron testimonials as their most fine structure of content material marketing. These properties outshine infographics, demo videos, weblog posts, whitepapers, and reports.

Why is that?

Video testimonials are genuine content material properties that act as an effective structure of social proof. They supply credibility for the organization and help shape a bond of belief between the business enterprise and the potential customer.

Best of all, video testimonials inform an entire story from beginning to finish. They begin with the customer’s unique trouble that they had been facing. They then introduce the product as a solution. A consumer recommends the  animated video production Chicago in the end.

This is all packaged into a without problems digestible piece of content material that is relatable and shareable.It’s simpler to ship a video testimonial to a gatekeeper or govt at a corporation that desires to signal off on a giant purchase. The video can give them a good understanding of the product and its benefits after watching it.

Better yet, 59% of enterprise executives best video over text, making this a precious asset to comprise your strategy.

With the proper video asset, you can convert hesitant potentialities to convert and purchase.


Video advertising continues to evolve this year, and entrepreneurs are attempting new techniques to interact with and convert new customers.

To continue to be ahead of the game, consider how you can include extra faraway recorded videos, product demo videos, LinkedIn videos, sequences, testimonials, and stay videos into your advertising and marketing strategy.

By always evolving your video advertising method to consist of trendy trends, you’ll seize the interest of your goal clients and nudge them nearer to purchasing.

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